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Important information

Dear friends,

Our house is dedicated to the well-being and pleasure of the table, it is what remains at the heart of our values and which has made our reputation.

Out of respect, we must inform you today of the construction of a private real estate complex in the park adjacent to our beautiful House which we did not initiate.

As a result, your comfort may be impacted.

The opening has been postponed to Saturday, May 13th 2023, our team stay mobilized in anticipation of welcoming you.

Come and enjoy highlights at Le Prieuré Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and its surroundings throughout the year.

Have an unforgettable time, between friends and family, during rides to suit your mood, exhibitions, festivals or even traditional feasts!

If you wish to discover all we have for you, find out all our offers for a night or much more. Geneviève and Jean-André Charial will be delighted to welcome you in their five-star hotel and one of the 38 rooms and their luxurious comfort. Enjoy a unique tasting experience in our fine dining restaurant.

Be both far and close from everything...

We are here.

Gastronomic Chef Avignon : Christophe Chiavola

Christophe Chiavola takes control of the kitchens!


With the arrival of Michelin-starred chef Christophe Chiavola, Le Prieuré Baumanière now opens a new page in its gastronomic history.

Le Prieuré Baumanière


Reopening 2023

! Important information about our 2023 Reopening !



7 Place du Chapitre
30400 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon - T. :+33(0)4 90 15 90 15 - F. :+33(0)4 90 25 45 39
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