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A dedicated team

A dedicated team

Le Prieuré is above all a team who knows the secret of making guests feel simply and discreetly welcome and how to give them outstanding service...

Mathilde and her staff able to organize a custom day, Leila and her team makes sure the rooms are immaculate, Laurent, our Head sommelier generous with expert advice who manages also the dining room, Marc, our Chef and his brigade dedicated to your taste buds, Laurent, which the bowels of le Prieuré have no secrets and Sylvie, our Assistant Manager always ready to help and advise customers... our guests agree that everyone is exceptionally dedicated, warm and welcoming.
And then there is Alexandre Favier, the manager of Le Prieuré. Having worked for Jean-André Charial since his youth, Alexandre did not hesitate a moment when he was offered the management of Le Prieuré. He orchestrates his team like a true conductor, transmitting what he learned at L’Oustau de Baumanière and perpetuating its hallmark tradition of excellence.


7 Place du Chapitre
30400 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon - T. :+33(0)4 90 15 90 15 - F. :+33(0)4 90 25 45 39
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